Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Starting again

Life has been pretty manic here with lots of hospital appointments with DS2, stitching teaching samples, Christmas... Well you get the idea. Today the quilt group met up in the studio as last week we had to cancel because of the snow. A very good friend came over this afternoon and the studio got a much needed spring clean and sort out (thank you Jackie).

There has been snow on the ground for the past ten days.
Last week there were some spectacular sun sets, this is the view from the window.  By the end of the week there was fog.
No stitch photos but I want to introduce May to you. She is a cocker spaniel and has been with us for an amazing ten days. Today was her first time at the quilt group and she behaved impeccably.   
I have no idea why one photo can be seen from the laptop yet when I view the blog from my iPad it just says photo. JPG. Anyone any ideas??