Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Well, this is the result of the snow dyeing - remember lime green and purple. Its OK I guess, I'm not too impressed though. It is darker than the image shows as I had all the lights on as well as the camera flash. The cold has definately affected the green dye. The snow was very powdery so I'm not sure how much difference that made. I had hoped to do some more today but after I slid home from school the snow was melting. We are forecast to have some more so watch this space.

I am coming up for my 100th post and I am planning a giveaway so keep checking back and I will let you know what it will be.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Snow dyeing 2010

Well I'm stuck home today as DS2's taxi didn't make it to us due to the snow. The bus that comes down the lane for DS also didn't arrive but "dad" got him to school. This meant time for snow dyeing, I'm not sure how successful this will be as the snow seemed very powdery. Also after I had laid my soda soaked fabric out onto the tray Daisy cat walked all over it so I have muddy footprints before even starting the dyeing process.
I needed to be quick so just chose the first two colours that came to hand, purple and lime green. I would like to do a planned blue from dark to light so might get this done tomorrow.
Lilly however just doesn't understand snow, she runs round in circles bleating and can't work out whether to eat it or butt it!!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Its cold outside

I forgot to add these to my last post. This was a frozen puddle in the back garden. I have no idea what made these fantastic lines but my mind is starting to work overtime with design ideas.

Advent Sunday

This weekend with DS2 off with his respite carer I have had a fairly chilled weekend, even with two teenagers (well very nearly in the house). I just can't believe how much they eat. Also shopping for trousers for DS for the first time yesterday we had to buy men's sizes, my baby is getting too tall and grown up, how do I turn the clock back or slow it down?? 

Having time to stand back and take stock is important to help me see the bigger picture of my life and where I am heading. In my normal pace of life I hadn't realised that today is the first Sunday in Advent, dare I say that four weeks today will be Boxing Day? It led me to think about the lists we all make, a gifts to buy list, gifts to make list, gifts to wrap list, food to buy list, people to see list, but sometimes these can distract from the true meaning of Christmas to most Christians.
On a more creative note I have finally finished this book jacket. There was a talent auction at church and as well as making some Xmas decorations I said that I would make a cover for an A5 notebook in the colour of the successful bidders choosing. Well, I was given the complete works of Shakespeare. Not wanting to make a fuss I just started the book jacket in the said colours.  I have not had any feedback yet so I hope she likes it. One thing I do need to finish this week is an alien costume as my friends son is an alien in his schools Nativity play. Remember the scene in Love Actually when I think the children come home and say they are an octopus in the Nativity? When I was a teacher we just had the basic characters, one year I do remember was when I had the kings entering on scooters to Crazy Frog!!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Busy Times

Well. life has been busy here and the run up to Christmas has definately started!! Lots of teaching, I have taught a mini shibori evening twice in the past two weeks. Its a great, if not busy two hour workshop and everyone goes home with a wrapped, stitched fat quarter in a bag of dye to rinse at home.
Last weekend I was up in York at the Quilt Museum, my project was Christmas birds. Some of the children are regulars up there now and  they have excellent machine skills. This time they learnt how to use a long doll making needle to sew a button through the stuffed bird. which secured the wings.

My Thursday smocking class is going well. We have practised lots of stitches and now we are moving onto making some smocked gift bags. The light wasn't great when I took the photo of the sample below.
I also have resurrected my sock knitting, not that I have any time on my hands at the moment but need something to fiddle with. I also must get on and just finish my diploma quilt.

I am hoping for a restful weekend as DS2 is going off to his respite carer so we are left to catch our breath and regain our strength for the next few weeks. DS is having a sleepover though with his closest friend and (thankfully)  the Scout environmental day has been cancelled due to the weather. I suspect a little Christmas shopping will get completed as well.

Have a  great weekend whatever you are up to.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Delectable Dyeing Day

Yesterday I taught a dyeing workshop to a wonderful group of people at Unique Cottage Farm Studios in Spalding AND I remembered my camera.  The aim of the day was to print onto fabric, and dye a little thread to match using both procion dyes and fabric paints. They all certainly embraced their creative side and produced some fantastic results. I know its a good class when everyone has to be presuaded to leave the room for a coffee break.

This was the room at coffee break time -
We just used fabric paint in the morning to give the fabric time to dry out. It was great to see everyone so busy producing seriously gorgeous, individual and unique fabrics

Pat and Nigel totally absorbed in their printing

This is just some of the monoprinted fabric that was produced.
In the afternoon we moved onto using procion dye as a printing medium which had been thickened. We also dyed threads, doesn't this bundle of crochet cotton look fab.

At the end of the day when all was clean we had a mini show and tell with the fabric painted fabric. I hope that I will have some photos sent to me of the dyed fabrics. All the fabrics printed with dyes go home wrapped in plastic ready for rinsing after 24 hours.
As I was packing up, the sky caught my eye, the colours were so much sharper than the photo shows - I think I had it on the wrong setting.

I want to end by saying Julie hope your ankle is feeling much better, we missed you today.

By the way, is anyone else having problems with Blogger? It has taken me nearly 90 minutes to load these photos. Each time I want to put another on I have to log out and back in again so frustrating when time is limited.