Sunday, 28 November 2010

Advent Sunday

This weekend with DS2 off with his respite carer I have had a fairly chilled weekend, even with two teenagers (well very nearly in the house). I just can't believe how much they eat. Also shopping for trousers for DS for the first time yesterday we had to buy men's sizes, my baby is getting too tall and grown up, how do I turn the clock back or slow it down?? 

Having time to stand back and take stock is important to help me see the bigger picture of my life and where I am heading. In my normal pace of life I hadn't realised that today is the first Sunday in Advent, dare I say that four weeks today will be Boxing Day? It led me to think about the lists we all make, a gifts to buy list, gifts to make list, gifts to wrap list, food to buy list, people to see list, but sometimes these can distract from the true meaning of Christmas to most Christians.
On a more creative note I have finally finished this book jacket. There was a talent auction at church and as well as making some Xmas decorations I said that I would make a cover for an A5 notebook in the colour of the successful bidders choosing. Well, I was given the complete works of Shakespeare. Not wanting to make a fuss I just started the book jacket in the said colours.  I have not had any feedback yet so I hope she likes it. One thing I do need to finish this week is an alien costume as my friends son is an alien in his schools Nativity play. Remember the scene in Love Actually when I think the children come home and say they are an octopus in the Nativity? When I was a teacher we just had the basic characters, one year I do remember was when I had the kings entering on scooters to Crazy Frog!!

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