Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Summer School Day Two

Last Tuesday was another hot day and we managed to again be outside. This time we used transfer or disperse dyes. These are dyes that are painted onto paper and then ironed onto polycotton or synthetic fabrics. The heat transfers the dyes and you end up with much brighter results than you get on the paper.
 We used the painted papers to make some book covers for some hand stitched books.
 The books below were made by Wendy. I love her skinny book with a pencil attached.
Day three tomorrow.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer School 2012 - Day One

Last week I had my first Summer School at the studio. These are the intrepid ladies who joined me for the week. The class of 2012! I had intended to blog daily once home but I was also trying to complete my Festival of Quilts entry which had to be posted by the end of last week.
These photos were all taken last week. On Monday we used played with procion dyes and used several different techniques to apply the dye to the fabric.
I had a large wet weather plan but didn't anticipate the weather being quite so warm.
After all the cold and rain it was nice to stay in the sunshine but I forgot to put suntan lotion on the list.
After lunch we made mixed media postcards. These are quite addictive and I am always impressed that none look the same, reflecting individual skill, taste and talent.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Justhands-on TV

I have had an enjoyable time filming with Valerie Nesbitt for Justhands-on TV. This  is an internet TV channel dedicated to patchwork, quilting and textile art in the UK. If you haven't heard of them you can check out their website here I packed my pans, stove and plant bits and drove south.
 I really don't like having my photo taken so posing was a bit of a struggle!
 Everyone was so nice and supportive as this is the first time I have really done any filming. I got lots of useful tips and advice.

I have been mentioned on the blog as well. My filming will not go out until October or November time so planty of time for you to subscribe!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Indigo Blues workshop

 Saturday started a little grey but the sun soon shone on the Indigo workshop. Vats were made.
 Everyone had fun stitching, resisting and dipping a variety of fabrics and threads.
 I love the washing lines on these days so full of gorgeous blues. The sun was still shining.
 In this net bag Enid put lots of beads, shells and buttons.
 We all had lunch outside in the sunshine but at about 2.30 the sky got blacker. The rain came down so heavily and so quickly that we all ran for cover upstairs. Some fabric that wasn't dry was left on the washing line for a natural rinse. if you click onto the photo you can see the lines of rain!
 For about 30 minutes it rained but then it stopped and the sun came out again.
 We raced back downstairs and made up some indigo stock in jars.
In this workshop you learn how to make up an indigo vat in a bucket to use on the day and you then make up a smaller jar vat of Indigo stock which you can take home. All the remaining workshops for this year are full but I am arranging more dates for next year. They take place at my studio in Spalding. Contact me for more details.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Quilters Guild Area Day (and the patter of tiny legs)

I meant to blog about the fantastic and welcoming weekend I spent with members of The Quilters Guild Region ten last week. Things are a little busy here with trips planned and quilts to finish as well as preparing for Summer School 2012 at the studio. Not long now ladies!
Sheila the Lincolnshire co-ordinator taught everyone how to make calorie free chocolates. Everyone had a go and the results were good enough to eat! On Saturday I did my talk about Natural Dyeing, apart from a technical hitch with the projector (which thankfully sorted it's self out) everything went well. I enjoy a talk when I get asked lots of questions.
Sunday was Stitch for Texture, we all worked in the hall still festooned with Jubilee bunting.
All the ladies worked really hard. I took these photos of Margaret (above) and Julie (below) smiling
This is a photo of Sheila's work in progress.
And the patter of tiny legs? Well yesterday we had three goslings hatch out. Mum and Dad are very protective so I might get some better photos later. Today is cold and windy so they are tucked under mums wings.