Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Indigo Blues workshop

 Saturday started a little grey but the sun soon shone on the Indigo workshop. Vats were made.
 Everyone had fun stitching, resisting and dipping a variety of fabrics and threads.
 I love the washing lines on these days so full of gorgeous blues. The sun was still shining.
 In this net bag Enid put lots of beads, shells and buttons.
 We all had lunch outside in the sunshine but at about 2.30 the sky got blacker. The rain came down so heavily and so quickly that we all ran for cover upstairs. Some fabric that wasn't dry was left on the washing line for a natural rinse. if you click onto the photo you can see the lines of rain!
 For about 30 minutes it rained but then it stopped and the sun came out again.
 We raced back downstairs and made up some indigo stock in jars.
In this workshop you learn how to make up an indigo vat in a bucket to use on the day and you then make up a smaller jar vat of Indigo stock which you can take home. All the remaining workshops for this year are full but I am arranging more dates for next year. They take place at my studio in Spalding. Contact me for more details.

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  1. Sounds like you are very busy and sometimes a little wet too. Hope not too much dye was washed out by the rain.

    Glad that your workshops are full and your venture has taken off so well.


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