Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer School 2012 - Day One

Last week I had my first Summer School at the studio. These are the intrepid ladies who joined me for the week. The class of 2012! I had intended to blog daily once home but I was also trying to complete my Festival of Quilts entry which had to be posted by the end of last week.
These photos were all taken last week. On Monday we used played with procion dyes and used several different techniques to apply the dye to the fabric.
I had a large wet weather plan but didn't anticipate the weather being quite so warm.
After all the cold and rain it was nice to stay in the sunshine but I forgot to put suntan lotion on the list.
After lunch we made mixed media postcards. These are quite addictive and I am always impressed that none look the same, reflecting individual skill, taste and talent.

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  1. Those fabrics being dyed look so wonderfully bright and colourful, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to them and more fabric cards.


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