Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Festival of Quilts 2

Despite working hard I did give in to some retail therapy. I have been wanting to explore printing more so got the new book by Claire Benn & Lesley Morgan. I already have the Tray Dyeing book, this one is for a gift. It's one I really recommend though, packed with lots of information. I also got some thermofax screens to play with of different seed heads.

Julie came to say hello on Saturday and she had the most gorgeous button fairy on her bag, the big button is to try and make my own. (Julie I have googled button fairy!!)

I love stitching with superior threads, especially the King Tut variegated range. These six just jumped right off the stand into my arms!!

I saw a woolly stand on Thursday with patterns for slippers which you knit and then felt in the washing machine. I stayed strong until Sunday lunchtime when I gave in and rushed off to get these

I got them from Knitting4 fun , they seem quite easy to knit although I am going to be disciplined and finish some socks first. I have never seen this company before but they were lovely ladies and very helpful. I'll definitely be visiting them again.

Apart from some basic like rotary cutter blades and sewing machine needles that's all I got. At the veyr end end of the show whilst everyone was waiting for their quilts in the cafe area, Dawn Cameron Dick and some others were giving out some free Mettler threads. I am sure they came from Quilt Direct which I though was very generous. Finally at 6.30pm my zebra quilt was returned and the journey home could begin.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Festival of Quilts 2009

I know there will be lots of posts about Festival of Quilts 2009 at the moment but I thought I'd share my memories. This was the quilt I entered in the art quilt section. The idea was to make something that was quite simple up close with the design becoming clearer from a distance. It took longer to design and draw out the zebras than to do the actual stitching. The one below was entered by my son and I can honestly say that I feel very proud that every stitch was done by him. It was called "Postcards from the Orient"

After teaching/helping over the whole four days I've had a croaky throat today and been incredibly tired. The children's workshop area was constantly busy and we even had a full workshop on Sunday afternoon. The children worked so hard within each two hour session to complete a project. I do have lots of photos of quilts but haven't had time to go through them yet. One advantage of working so hard was that I could get into the show at 8am each day, both to help set up and view the quilts.

I did manage to escape sometimes and have a look round. There were stunning quilts by Ferret, Sheena Norquay and many many others as well as all the competition quilts, but something that stuck in my mind was the restfulness and calm of the quilts by Ingrid Press, this is what Twistedthread wrote about her

"Ingrid works with cloth (which is often re-cycled) and fibre. She likes to arrange things - mainly in rows and grids. She sees beauty in repetition. Texture is also important and is achieved through dense machine stitching of the quilts and through the materials and weaving methods used when making her small vessels. Making things gives her a feeling of being connected to many generations of crafts people all over the world.She subscribes to 'Less is More' and tries to keep her work calm and rather simplistic, which is helped by the use of a limited colour palette."

The children's workshop area was right next door to the virtual studio enabling me to keep popping my head round to see the wonderful fabric being created, and to indulge in some retail therapy!!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Its been a while.................

I have just looked when I last blogged and can't believe it was May. Well I have been busy and managed to accomplish quite a few things. I have even been domesticated and made lots of jam, you can check this out on my husband's blog . My nephew's quilt for his 21st birthday (which was in March) is still on the design wall. It has now been promised him for Christmas or failing that in time for his 30th birthday!!

I've entered a quilt for Festival of Quilts (so has my son) which actually came together really easily. The designing and drawing took a long time but the stitching was completed in a relatively short time. Do you know the law according to Sod?? Well I normally don't have problems putting on a mitred binding but this time it didn't work and I didn't have time to take it off and do it again. After parceling both quilts up I spent an anxious 24 hours waiting to track the parcel after a not too helpful man at the post office took my hard work off me.

I'm just going to share a small section of the quilt so if you do see it at FoQ please let me know what you think -

I think this section looks a little obscure but you may be able to guess what it is of.

On a totally different theme I have been trying to use up some recycled materials, I had saved a whole stack of those dye catcher sheets from the washing machine. Most are the same grey colour but I had one which was purple (it came out of the machine with a navy shirt).

The stitching is loosely based on a photo I had of a field. I used some gold fabric paint in the top left to be sun rays and some white organza under that for a cloud. This followed the white area on the sheet which I think got folded in the machine. It was a quick little project which I enjoyed.

Both my boys are away from home at the moment (one on Scout camp & the other staying at Granny's house) so hubby and I went exploring today. After a very nice pub meal with mouthwatering white chocolate profiteroles for desert (well you do have to force yourself to eat things sometimes) we ended up on a fantastic beach at Old Hunstanton watching the most amazing kite surfers. There must have been about 40 in the water at a time and how no wires got tangled was amazing. This photo just doesn't show how sunny it was. It was also windy and I gave up trying to stitch as the sand was getting everywhere. I got lots of design ideas though....