Saturday, 15 August 2009

Its been a while.................

I have just looked when I last blogged and can't believe it was May. Well I have been busy and managed to accomplish quite a few things. I have even been domesticated and made lots of jam, you can check this out on my husband's blog . My nephew's quilt for his 21st birthday (which was in March) is still on the design wall. It has now been promised him for Christmas or failing that in time for his 30th birthday!!

I've entered a quilt for Festival of Quilts (so has my son) which actually came together really easily. The designing and drawing took a long time but the stitching was completed in a relatively short time. Do you know the law according to Sod?? Well I normally don't have problems putting on a mitred binding but this time it didn't work and I didn't have time to take it off and do it again. After parceling both quilts up I spent an anxious 24 hours waiting to track the parcel after a not too helpful man at the post office took my hard work off me.

I'm just going to share a small section of the quilt so if you do see it at FoQ please let me know what you think -

I think this section looks a little obscure but you may be able to guess what it is of.

On a totally different theme I have been trying to use up some recycled materials, I had saved a whole stack of those dye catcher sheets from the washing machine. Most are the same grey colour but I had one which was purple (it came out of the machine with a navy shirt).

The stitching is loosely based on a photo I had of a field. I used some gold fabric paint in the top left to be sun rays and some white organza under that for a cloud. This followed the white area on the sheet which I think got folded in the machine. It was a quick little project which I enjoyed.

Both my boys are away from home at the moment (one on Scout camp & the other staying at Granny's house) so hubby and I went exploring today. After a very nice pub meal with mouthwatering white chocolate profiteroles for desert (well you do have to force yourself to eat things sometimes) we ended up on a fantastic beach at Old Hunstanton watching the most amazing kite surfers. There must have been about 40 in the water at a time and how no wires got tangled was amazing. This photo just doesn't show how sunny it was. It was also windy and I gave up trying to stitch as the sand was getting everywhere. I got lots of design ideas though....


  1. That's a lot of stitching in a small space and it looks great! I'll be at the FOQ so I'll look out for your and your son's quilts. Glad you had a good time at Hunstanton.

  2. I am going to the FOQ on Saturday so I shall bo on the look out for both Quilts.

  3. Beautiful stitching. I especially love your landscape, the colours and stitching are gorgeous!


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