Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Festival of Quilts 2

Despite working hard I did give in to some retail therapy. I have been wanting to explore printing more so got the new book by Claire Benn & Lesley Morgan. I already have the Tray Dyeing book, this one is for a gift. It's one I really recommend though, packed with lots of information. I also got some thermofax screens to play with of different seed heads.

Julie came to say hello on Saturday and she had the most gorgeous button fairy on her bag, the big button is to try and make my own. (Julie I have googled button fairy!!)

I love stitching with superior threads, especially the King Tut variegated range. These six just jumped right off the stand into my arms!!

I saw a woolly stand on Thursday with patterns for slippers which you knit and then felt in the washing machine. I stayed strong until Sunday lunchtime when I gave in and rushed off to get these

I got them from Knitting4 fun , they seem quite easy to knit although I am going to be disciplined and finish some socks first. I have never seen this company before but they were lovely ladies and very helpful. I'll definitely be visiting them again.

Apart from some basic like rotary cutter blades and sewing machine needles that's all I got. At the veyr end end of the show whilst everyone was waiting for their quilts in the cafe area, Dawn Cameron Dick and some others were giving out some free Mettler threads. I am sure they came from Quilt Direct which I though was very generous. Finally at 6.30pm my zebra quilt was returned and the journey home could begin.


  1. I bought the screen prinitng book and 3 screens too, just need to rearrange my studio now to make a printing area! I love those superior threads too. It was lovely to see you at the show and enjoy a cuppa tea :-)

  2. I love seeing what everyone bought at FOQ. I am really looking forward to spending my money at "Creative Stitches" next month so it's nice to see what's around. Don't think I will be giving screen printing another go thogh, I didn't really enjoy that aspect of printing, but I do enjoy other printing techniques

    I love the King Tut variegated threads too. Quite expensive but so worth it! May get a few more myself!

    The button fairy sounds lovely. I shall google it so I can see what they look like!

    Lastly, I was really pleased to see you are going to be part of the new quilting group set up by Annabel. I have never entered a quilt in FOQ before so this will be a big learning curve and a great challenge to me. One I am now looking forward to. I was happy to see you are there too, with Julie and a few other blogging friends. I think it will be a happy group!!



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