Sunday, 1 July 2012

Quilters Guild Area Day (and the patter of tiny legs)

I meant to blog about the fantastic and welcoming weekend I spent with members of The Quilters Guild Region ten last week. Things are a little busy here with trips planned and quilts to finish as well as preparing for Summer School 2012 at the studio. Not long now ladies!
Sheila the Lincolnshire co-ordinator taught everyone how to make calorie free chocolates. Everyone had a go and the results were good enough to eat! On Saturday I did my talk about Natural Dyeing, apart from a technical hitch with the projector (which thankfully sorted it's self out) everything went well. I enjoy a talk when I get asked lots of questions.
Sunday was Stitch for Texture, we all worked in the hall still festooned with Jubilee bunting.
All the ladies worked really hard. I took these photos of Margaret (above) and Julie (below) smiling
This is a photo of Sheila's work in progress.
And the patter of tiny legs? Well yesterday we had three goslings hatch out. Mum and Dad are very protective so I might get some better photos later. Today is cold and windy so they are tucked under mums wings.


  1. you look as though you had a great time and LOVE those chocolates..every girl's dream!

  2. Ooh, I've never seen a gosling! Love that berry dyeing below & good to see our Julie smiling at her work ;)

  3. The workshop was excellent Angela and I am still working on my pages. My DH tried to eat the chocolate I gave him! I had to pull it out of his mouth! Hope you don't mind, I've pinched the photos of me.

    I'm glad you've cleared up the mystery of the patter or legs, I hardly dared ask!


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