Sunday, 24 June 2012

DyE, wool, stitch

Things have been a little busy around here this week. The studio has been full of DS and I working on Festival of Quilts entries and workshop samples.
This week I taught a woolly dye day. We started out using a few natural dyes on wool that I had pre- mordanted.
Everyone was very busy painting yarn, dyeing fleece and wool tops in pans using chemical dyes in the afternoon.
The top right was dyed with turmeric. 
Wool drying outside. The pinky and blue/green had been hand spun.
At the end of the day Trish went round and used up all the dye left over in the pots. After cooking in the microwave these are her stunning results on hand spun fleece.
I have spent this weekend up in Ludford with members of the Quilters Guild region ten. Lots of laughs, technical hitches and stitching. I'll post more tomorrow.

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