Friday, 1 June 2012

Onion Skin Dyeing

I have been collecting onion skins and decided to experiment with them on pre-mordanted cotton fabric.

One piece of fabric got wrapped around the onion skins in a bundle and one just had a swim in the boiled up onion skins
The bundle was put in a steamer (not emerged in water) whilst the other continued to swim with skins!
This was the bundle before unwrapping.
Both were "cooked" for the same amount of time and had the same weight of onion skins. The resulting pictures do not do justice to the colours and texture achieved. I think I need to take some outside. The bottom image shows a little of the stitching I have started.


  1. I love the swirling lines of stitching on this piece and the brilliant colour you get from onion skins is always amazing, I find!

  2. Such a rich glorious colour - perfect for a Royal weekend!

  3. I love working with yellow and red onion skins..great results. Your work here is lovely. well donexlynda

  4. I'm trying that this half term!


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