Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cow Parsley

I have spent most of the past week frantically sewing binding onto pieces of work needed for a talk and exhibitions. Some of them have needed this for about a year. I thought I would share some images of my favorite flower. At the moment the roadside verges have not been cut back. I know this limits your vision as a driver but I just love the cow parsley gently moving in the wind.
This is my lane looking right from the house.
A close up of cow parsley.I do keep wondering what would happen if I bundle it up with fabric. One way to find out...
I love the structure which inspires my work
"A flower of childhood we’d pass days in your haze of intricate white muddled into the long grass green to white to green; young in years but rich in time lost in play and thick as thieves in your wooded world you’d nod to the fields beyond".
This was taken last year but it is one of my favorite images.


  1. I adore cow parsley. Al weeds it out of the garden but I let it enjoy itself there, it's so structural and delicate too, wonderful.

  2. Hello from Michigan, I just discovered your lovely blog. The flowers you call cow parsley look to me Queen Anne Lace. vbg They are a beautiful wildflower. Hugs Judy

  3. Hi I love cow parsley to paint in watercolours. Like your evening pic and the poem.


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