Sunday, 13 May 2012

Baby Bunting and Eco Brazilwood

As promised some photos of the tiny artists I had the pleasure of meeting last Friday (and their mums!)
To make life easier for small hands the bunting triangle shapes were drawn onto calico by mum's before the children painted them. We had patriotic red, white and blue fabric paint with extra gold and sparkles applied with glue once everything was dry.
Yesterday was spent at the studio and I took down this jar of Brazilwood liquid (left from the Natural Dye Day) Warming inside was a ball of 1/4" calico strips I found inside a bag of donated fabrics. It had been inside the jar for about two weeks.
 It had a little wash and was wrapped on a dryer in the sun. As it dried it turned a beautiful salmon pink with hints of purple. I love the fact that even on this the colour isn't uniform.
I have got something else bubbling up in the pan but Blogger is refusing to upload any more photos to this post. Rather than get cross (me!) my photos and I will be back soon x


  1. Is the bunting for something special? I had 30X Year 4 in just before Easter and they were brilliant!

  2. I read it as bunting for a baby ;) Very sweet work. I wish these things had been around 20 yrs ago - I might know something about dyeing now!

  3. the bunting looks great fun, are the children having a party for the Jubilee?
    I love the brazilwood strips, if only I had the patience to leave a pot for two weeks...

  4. It is for the Jubilee l expect. Everything is red, white and blue at the moment! Hax Love the work you did the tinies...l love my job working with them all week. Your piece of fabric is wonderful, l love the fact that the colour is never uniformxlynda


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