Monday, 29 November 2010

Snow dyeing 2010

Well I'm stuck home today as DS2's taxi didn't make it to us due to the snow. The bus that comes down the lane for DS also didn't arrive but "dad" got him to school. This meant time for snow dyeing, I'm not sure how successful this will be as the snow seemed very powdery. Also after I had laid my soda soaked fabric out onto the tray Daisy cat walked all over it so I have muddy footprints before even starting the dyeing process.
I needed to be quick so just chose the first two colours that came to hand, purple and lime green. I would like to do a planned blue from dark to light so might get this done tomorrow.
Lilly however just doesn't understand snow, she runs round in circles bleating and can't work out whether to eat it or butt it!!

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  1. Lilly's cute! hadn't thought about snow dyeing - not that we've got enough yet but it is snowing now. My studio is freezing!!!! Not sure I could cope with going out there to mix dye.


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