Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Well, this is the result of the snow dyeing - remember lime green and purple. Its OK I guess, I'm not too impressed though. It is darker than the image shows as I had all the lights on as well as the camera flash. The cold has definately affected the green dye. The snow was very powdery so I'm not sure how much difference that made. I had hoped to do some more today but after I slid home from school the snow was melting. We are forecast to have some more so watch this space.

I am coming up for my 100th post and I am planning a giveaway so keep checking back and I will let you know what it will be.


  1. I suppose you could always overdye it? If we get more snow overnight I'm going to have a go tomorrow. Just need to decide on colours.

  2. OBVIOUSLY you didnt eat enough maltesas, before, during and after.....

  3. i love the colours. you could cut it into strips and reassemble it....or weave the strips,,,,scrummy colours to my palette

  4. Hi Anne

    I have challenged myself to use the fabric without over dyeing so your idea of cutting it into strips and reassembling or weaving sounds like a good one. Thank you x

  5. What about printing with paint or discharge? Snow dyeing is something I never expect to be able to do here!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  6. I actually really like it! It's a lovely mix of colours.


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