Sunday, 5 December 2010


Does anyone know how to make these woven, folded paper necklaces? My recycled craft group wants to make them next Friday and although I've made them before I can't find my notes. I've also had an unsuccessful trawl through the Internet and can't find any instructions unless I subscribe to a site.

I've fingers and toes crossed...


  1. I tried to search for you,,I didcome up with aa sweet wrapper bracelet that might do instead,, I suppose you could cut up paper or any sweetwrapper could do. I found it on starburst wrapper braclet tutorial I googled it . as I am not sure of the exact address
    I did findchrstineFoltz wovenpaper bead necklace,,,but not sure if it would be too complicated for the group,,

  2. I've been Googling for you but haven't found this specific design although there are some tutorials out there for paper bead necklaces. Have you tried Googling origami? I found a tutorial for Origami stars not sure how easy they actually are to make but you could string them for a necklace. There are some videos on Youtube that might help
    Hope you find what you need. :)


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