Monday, 20 December 2010

In The Bleak Mid Winter

I was going to start this blog post on a positive note but I'm cold and fed up with being cold. Today the fog hasn't lifted and the temperature hasn't been above -7. When I was young my favourite books were The Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls. I remember my favorite one was The Long Winter (sound familiar?).  

All my recent energy/sewing has been on completing paperwork and making Christmas presents which I can't share photos of. DS has also spent time making presents and has just about mastered how to put a zip into a bag. Instead here are some frosty images of my garden taken this morning.
This was the frozen washing line.
 This robin was a little photo shy but you can still see his/her red breast.
I was looking for colour amongst all the white and found this red onion skin in the compost heap.
The fields are still full of Brussel sprouts that haven't been harvested

I found this on Emma's blog A little Bit of Everything. Despite the weather I went to two carol services and this carol was sung at both. This Enya version is really beautiful that I thought I would share it with you.

I found some sock knitting today from last year, my first attempt at toe up socks knitted on a circular needle. I love hand made socks but am a slow knitter. I'm off to spend the rest of this evening curled up in front of my log burner. I hope you are all keeping safe and warm.


  1. I dont like the snow much but my hubby does so he took me for a snow drive yesterday. The countryside was sooo beautiful but I forgot my cameras!

    I am impressed your DS has mastered a zip!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I love all the frosty photos Angela, especially the onion skin. Well done to your son for getting the hang of putting in a zip, I steer well clear! :-)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and I envy you the log burner! xx

  3. You slipped thru the net of actual Christmas wishes, sorry, but I WAS thinking of all my blog buddies! You didn't get that Enya song from me - thanks for the mention, anyway, you might have gotten confused by the name of the song ;)

    Just add another layer to yourself & look at your lovely photos & see how really beautiful winter is!

    I realised when I looked back at your last post that i used to make as a child Juicy fruit wrapper woven lengths, but never got as far as putting the strips together - half a wrapper folded twice lengthways then each end into the middle, pinch & pass the next one thru the single layer side. Hmm, sounds complicated & too late now, anywayway it was from memory pre 11!

    Hope you had a lovely day & a wonderful new year!


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