Sunday, 7 November 2010

Delectable Dyeing Day

Yesterday I taught a dyeing workshop to a wonderful group of people at Unique Cottage Farm Studios in Spalding AND I remembered my camera.  The aim of the day was to print onto fabric, and dye a little thread to match using both procion dyes and fabric paints. They all certainly embraced their creative side and produced some fantastic results. I know its a good class when everyone has to be presuaded to leave the room for a coffee break.

This was the room at coffee break time -
We just used fabric paint in the morning to give the fabric time to dry out. It was great to see everyone so busy producing seriously gorgeous, individual and unique fabrics

Pat and Nigel totally absorbed in their printing

This is just some of the monoprinted fabric that was produced.
In the afternoon we moved onto using procion dye as a printing medium which had been thickened. We also dyed threads, doesn't this bundle of crochet cotton look fab.

At the end of the day when all was clean we had a mini show and tell with the fabric painted fabric. I hope that I will have some photos sent to me of the dyed fabrics. All the fabrics printed with dyes go home wrapped in plastic ready for rinsing after 24 hours.
As I was packing up, the sky caught my eye, the colours were so much sharper than the photo shows - I think I had it on the wrong setting.

I want to end by saying Julie hope your ankle is feeling much better, we missed you today.

By the way, is anyone else having problems with Blogger? It has taken me nearly 90 minutes to load these photos. Each time I want to put another on I have to log out and back in again so frustrating when time is limited.


  1. Thank you for your good thoughts Angela. I'm still struggling I'm afraid although it is better than it was :) I was really sorry to miss your workshop yesterday but I wouldn't have got thro the day. Everyone has got some great results and I know you all had fun. (I enjoyed the mental image of everyone going home wrapped in plastic ;))

  2. Looked a great workshop, would love to have been there! B
    Blogger had a bad patch but seems ok now.


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