Thursday, 28 October 2010


This is not the greatest photo I have ever taken, in fact I will use the words of DS2 and say it's totally crap BUT it represents a huge breakthrough in my City & Guilds final quilt progress. Without giving too much away, the design inspiration is the fields and fens hence dyeing brown. I have tried immersion techniques but never got a grade of tone that was acceptable for the diploma work. The answer was so simple yet it took me along time to think of it, print dye the fabric which has worked on a small sample. The red spots you can just see are because I didn't mix up the dye fully as I was in too much of a rush.

I had a conversation with Sweetypie about dyeing fabric the other day. When you see my larger pieces so much work has gone into the dyeing/printing of the fabric which is mainly unnoticed. the piecing and quilting is there on display but not the processes of soaking, drying, washing, dyeing often done more than once. So much time, effort and emotion goes into this. I once put on a label that 12 hours of dying time had gone into the fabric before I even applied a needle to it. I'm not moaning as I do love this stage but it can be very time consuming.

Changing the subject totally, yesterday I placed two large orders with well known companies. I needed products ordered for a workshop on the 6th November so you could say urgent. One, Kemtex was fantastic, the parcel arrived this morning so less than 24 hours. They sell dyes and dye chemicals, I use them alot and would really recommend them. If you are a novice there is a man called Stuart who really knows the products and will give out advise. The other company (I'm not going to name and shame although I might if it doesn't arrive before the 6th), took my order and then told me that they were having a stock take and the order wouldn't go out until next week. Not only that but the orders will be sent out in order, no they were unable to tell me how many before mine. It's a shame I like their products but with customer service like that they basically don't deserve the custom!!

Have you heard about improvisational piecing? I had an e-mail from QuiltArts which had me reaching for my stack of Halloween fabric that I have promised DS2 for about three years that would turn into a quilt. I was going to show you some photos but Blogger isn't playing tonight. I'll leave it a few days and then try again.


  1. I'm glad you've got the brown sussed :) I'll keep everything crossed for you for the delivery. No excuse for poor customer service, especially from a well established company.

  2. Just been catching up with you, finally! You seem to have been thru the mill a bit recently - glad a little bit of it has been resolved by your determination.

    Your earthy brown looks great (I quite like the little red dots!)In wandering back thru your blog I came across our postcard swap & yours is one I didn't photograph, do you mind if I lift it for my sketchbook? Only 6 more to find, now!


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