Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Mud, mud glorious mud

I had a paperwork day at home today, well that is until a newly ploughed  field attracted my attention! I only have my C&G quilt to complete now. All the design work has been agreed but I still haven't dyed a close enough brown (think earth/mud) for the bottom part. It will have applique over the top but will still be visible. Since completing the bag I have been pondering this for a while and have come up with a cunning plan. I can't share this yet as I haven't run it past my tutor. This is why this, made me excited (sometimes I'm very easy to please)....
and this, it proves just how much texture there is in the soil. The photo's just don't show how it was glistening in the sunlight today.

I finished piecing the half square triangle Golden Wedding quilt two weeks ago so it's a priority to get it quilted and to it's new home. It's not a great photo but it shows progress at least. It will be going to a non-sewing home so I hope to be able to get away with minimal quilting.


  1. When you're in Fenland, you spend a lot of time staring at ploughed and sown fields! I agree though, the texture is nice and choppy when the plough has done it's job. A nice crazy quilt project!

  2. Fenland soil is very black ,yours looks rather light ? ( is it your camera ?)it also looks very clay like ,love your quilt so will the the non sewing family ...love Jan xx

  3. I always wonder how anything will grow in a ploughed field .. they always look so .. well lumpy compared to the fine stuff you grow your seeds in at home.

    I really like the golden wedding quilt. Love hst .. so amazingly versatile for a simple block.

    Good luck with finding the right colour ... have you considered natural dyes .. maybe walnut shells (hahaha)

  4. Love your golden quilt! Not considering mud cloth are we? ;)


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