Friday, 26 November 2010

Busy Times

Well. life has been busy here and the run up to Christmas has definately started!! Lots of teaching, I have taught a mini shibori evening twice in the past two weeks. Its a great, if not busy two hour workshop and everyone goes home with a wrapped, stitched fat quarter in a bag of dye to rinse at home.
Last weekend I was up in York at the Quilt Museum, my project was Christmas birds. Some of the children are regulars up there now and  they have excellent machine skills. This time they learnt how to use a long doll making needle to sew a button through the stuffed bird. which secured the wings.

My Thursday smocking class is going well. We have practised lots of stitches and now we are moving onto making some smocked gift bags. The light wasn't great when I took the photo of the sample below.
I also have resurrected my sock knitting, not that I have any time on my hands at the moment but need something to fiddle with. I also must get on and just finish my diploma quilt.

I am hoping for a restful weekend as DS2 is going off to his respite carer so we are left to catch our breath and regain our strength for the next few weeks. DS is having a sleepover though with his closest friend and (thankfully)  the Scout environmental day has been cancelled due to the weather. I suspect a little Christmas shopping will get completed as well.

Have a  great weekend whatever you are up to.


  1. I've been hearing all about your 2 hour shibori class today on the way to K&S, praises were being lauded :) Aren't the children's birds gorgeous! Enjoy your down time :)

  2. I'd love to do a shibori workshop, too! Love the birds. I'm trying to find 'my own' bird to make decorations/cards/collage with. It's surprisingly difficult!

    Enjoy the respite & recharging your batteries. Had my craft fair cancelled today due to icy roads - it's looking beautiful tho!

    If you have a spare sec, come over; I'm having my first giveaway ;)

  3. fabulous! i especially like the shibori - it's stunning. wish your workshop wasn't on the other side of the world!


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