Sunday, 22 November 2009

Chrismas Decorations

I'm gearing up to teaching some Christmas workshops both locally and up in York. Today I was preparing samples and my youngest decided he wanted to make a tree decoration. He concentrated for about an hour and did everything by himself. The only thing I did was to cut around the heart shape inside. The inside was done on the embellisher machine and then trapped between red felt. I was really impressed with his determination to sew on the green beads all by himself as well. As for me, well I am struggling with a robin's legs at the moment!!


  1. Your son's done really well, I love the centre of the heart and the beading.

  2. That is brilliant! I wish my daughter would be as concientious! Hey Ho, great job done by your Son!

  3. I love dropping in from time to time to see what's happening in your part of the world. I'm originally from Spalding, not far from the Fens.
    Now I'm down under along way from Fenland.
    Your son has made a wonderful piece of work, this will be one of those decorations that comes out every Christmas for years to come.

  4. This is lovely. I have a little felt tree decoration project with Year 7 which is always good fun near the end of term.
    Many thanks for visitingmy blog. I hope all is well with you.xx


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