Sunday, 30 January 2011

Paper Work Conquered

For the past few weeks I have been battling with a mountain of paperwork. Somehow over Christmas I let everything slip and creative things have had to take a back seat. I'm now back and have a list of UFO's that I am determined to complete this year. As I wanted a small project I joined the Mug Rug Swap and have been sent my swap partner. This is a tiny part of what I have made. I will have to read the rules and see if I can show it all, until then a peek..
DS keeps moaning that he hasn't a quilt that is big enough to cover his body (he is now taller than me). Anyway he has made me feel so guilty that this week I cut up a stack of brown and red fat quarters which will become a turning twenty quilt. The idea is very simple if you haven't heard about these quilts. You cut up the fat quarters in the same way, stitch together and fairly quickly you have a decent sized quilt. The monkey fabric you can see will be in every block. I will post progress soon. When he was younger he loved anything to do with monkeys so they have got to be in his "big" quilt. As he won a prize at FoQ last year I should really get him to make one for himself but he is already starting his FoQ 2011 one. I do have a sneaky plan though that he will help to machine quilt it once complete.
I managed a day out yesterday with Sweetpie to visit Trudi at Quilt Prolifically to see her new Quilt Studio. It is a fantastic space and I know she will be even more creative with her quilts. We have been invited for a sewing day soon and I can't wait. Here she is in her new home. Pop over to her blog and you will be able to see just how quickly it went up.

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  1. Yes I read on Trudi's blog you had been visiting ,isnt it all exciting ? your sons quilt ,that red looks intriguing Jan xx


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