Friday, 18 February 2011

A positive week..............

This week I have tried hard to keep my glass half full and I am wearing my rose coloured glasses.

 This is a review of my week in words (and some pictures) 
  • My shibori remains a beautiful sculpted piece of white cotton.
  • Embellish magazine arrived from Australia
  • DS and these samples went to London, I stayed home. DS went to see Lion King with his school, the samples went to a conference about recycled and repurposed clothing. 
  • I met a very nice and hunky recovery man on a very dark road for rendezvous with a tyre.
  • I now realise the full importance of the hexagonal Allen key thingy in removing a car tyre. It will now stay in the car and not with the printing things.
  • I had some ""me time" watching Lorraine Kelly in a comfy chair with a coffee in the waiting area of Bush tyres.
  • I met another very nice man with a large tanker (after a visual reminder that the septic tank was full)
  • DH started to decorate the hall way (thank you darling but please hurry up)
  • Had some time to plan some new courses and quilts (OK did have to stay up most of the night with DS being sick for this one)
  • I saved a pheasant from being shot after it flew into my car. It had a nice burial in the garden.
  • I started a new craft course,  babies and paint..............just use your imagination.
What every you are up to this weekend be happy and I hope your glass remains half full.

Happy Stitching


  1. Sounds like a hectic week but well done for keeping a positive spin :-)

  2. Oh, I forgot. What is the 'Embellish' magazine like? I've seen it advertised but haven't ordered it yet.

  3. So, just the average week then?! Do sit down & have a read of that great looking mag!


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