Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Grand day Out

I'm about a week behind at the moment. Yesterday I taught "Natural Dyeing" with nine fantastic people, I'll save that for another post. Last Sunday saw me driving up to the Lincolnshire Wolds for a Quilt Show. I also managed to see a friend for lunch whom I haven't seen since last FoQ so a good day.
It was a wonderful display of quilts of different sizes, techniques and colours.

I loved this one, my colours and using hand dyed fabrics.
Lots of things to see which were all exquisitely made.
Sorry I can't remember who made this tiny landscape.
I like the quilting which gave this bed quilt movement.
This was one of my favourite quilts. It was made by Bev Anderson for her City & Guilds course.
This was all made from blankets which had been dyed. Woolly and lovely.
When I first married DH we had a cat called Skimble. he was black and into everything. Yes, I have a memory of him nearly falling into the fish tank so this made me smile.

Its the last week of term - five days to go. DS2 will be leaving his school to move up to secondary school in September. This is going to be difficult for him as he doesn't like change and has an emotional age much younger than his years. At least we are prepared for this and the rocky road which might be ahead. A fun packed summer holiday is planned so I hope the weather will be kind to us.

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  1. Thanks for blogging this exhibition Angela, I wasn't able to get there. Thanks too for the great class on Saturday. I haven't had chance to blog it yet but will get round to it. I enjoyed the day and it was interesting to see the differences with Procion dyeing.


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