Friday, 19 August 2011

I'm back & Springfields Summer Festival

Where do I start? The past few weeks have seen me in Devon, Cheltenham, back to Lincolnshire for a few hours and then over to Birmingham for Festival of Quilts (more about that on another post). DS is doing one better as after an overnight stay at home yesterday he headed off to Yorkshire for Scout camp.

Anyhow it seems like ages ago that I agreed to have a stall/demonstrate at the Springfields Outlet Centre Summer Festival weekend. I am there this weekend and also over the bank holiday. This has been organised by Unique Cottage Farm Studio. Before going away I went down to have a look and was impressed with the inflatables, they are much larger than the photos show, and there are lots of them.

I am going to sell some bags made by a very talented friend and my own hand made soaps, hand dyed buttons and threads and some folded books. I'm not sure how much people will buy but am taking a hand sewing project that must be completed by the end of August and a comfy chair!!


  1. Best of luck and I hope that the weather is kind to you.

  2. Phew! You must be worn out! Hope you had a good time today at Springfields. Hope to see you on Wednesday.


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