Monday, 13 April 2009

Journal Quilts

I had high hopes of quilting more of the dragon quilt today but the goats obviously had other ideas. I have two pygmy goats who like a bit of D.I.Y. This time the object of their skill (!?!) was the fence, they certainly made a good job at trashing it to the point that they could jump over it. After my trip to the local DIY store my DH started on the repairs.

Once everything was under control I went to finish my April Journal Quilt. I am in the Contemporary Group of the Quilters Guild and the challenge is to produce a journal quilt of 12" x 6" each month. April's is based around this photo of blossom in my garden.

I painted branches onto hand dyes fabric and just need to add the blossom (see below). The flowers will be cut from cotton, sheers and I have painted some lutradur. I will do this tomorrow and post the results.

By the way in case you wondered I came home from the car boot sale with nothing!!

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  1. Well I'm disappointed that you didn't find any treasures at the boot sale! And what a beautiful tree in your garden. I love this time of year for all the beautiful blossoms, but I think I have hayfever from some tree pollen or other that's around at the moment. Pain! I've just been swotting up on how to bind my April quilt. It just needs a little tweaking first. so far I've only used satin stitch but this one needs a proper edging.

    Was that my tuition that got your blogroll up or had you done it already? I'm feeling like a stalker at the moment! lol We'll have to get some more traffic coming your way. Well done for keeping up with blogging so far. I hope you're enjoying it. :o)


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