Sunday, 17 May 2009

How time flies.................

Despite my best intentions to blog regularly, real life seems to be getting in the way. Last Saturday was spent teaching at the Quilt Musuem in York. There was a group of seven children who made book covers in the morning and CD holders in the afternoon. Below is a picture of two of the book covers but I didn't get any of the CD holders. For the first time ever I forgot to recharge the batteries for my camera!!

The children really enjoyed a treasure hunt round the gallery following clues to look for "treasure". It was great as to solve clues they had to really look at quilts and notice lots of detail. There are currently two exhibitions at the musuem, the main one 'Pearls, Pearls, Pearls' celebrates the 30th anniversary of The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles. I was impressed with the range of work shown, and was particularly drawn to a shibori quilted jacket by Di Goodison. In the smaller gallery was The Wholecloth Tradition which explores the techniques, history and motifs used in wholecloth quilting, concentrating on the North Country wholecloth style. On display were several pieces of Amy Emms' work, including a small case of her tools and some smaller pieces. If you go to visit look at the quilt hanging on the wall by the bed. It was made by Amy Emms having been commissioned by The Quilters Guild, if you look closely it has a whole section of the quilting design that has been missed out, still beautiful stitching though.

On a more down to earth note I have finished quilting my shibori, it just needs binding, hopefully a picture will appear later this week I also made this book cover in a loosely convergence quilt style technique -

My quilt group has what is called a silent auction tomorrow evening. Basically people bring items they no longer want and an empty envelope is placed by them. If you want to bid you just write a price on small paper, putting it inside, the top bid them wins the item. Normally I manage to come away with some interesting threads, fabrics so I let you know of any success.....

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  1. The children did really well with their bookcovers and your convergence cover is a gorgeous blend of colours (dare I say strawberries and custard? Sorry, I like puddings!) I'm hoping to get up to York before the exhibitions change, especuially to see the wholecloth. Don't be shy with your purchases at the silent auction!


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