Friday, 25 September 2009

Autumn Sunset & workshops

After seeing the sunset on Julie's blog, I thought I would share the amazing sunset I captured earlier this week outside my window. Julie lives about 30 miles away from me. One advantage of Lincolnshire is that it's very flat with huge skies.
I do sometimes feel privileged that this is literally outside my window.

I am looking forwards to a quiet weekend as for the past two weekends I have been doing workshops, two weeks ago I did a day with Philippa Naylor. She was a really good tutor and very generous in sharing her knowledge. Last weekend saw me at a QGBI Region 10 day with Ferret. She was a really good speaker and not at all fazed when a lady came into the hall, shouting, "can the scouts use the toilets". The workshop on Sunday was Art Quilts by Numbers, it was a great day and lots was learnt. I will take a photo of my swan tomorrow so you can see what I did. I must admit that the curved Philippa Naylor sample isn't quite so finished.
Just to prove though I have been stitching, this was one of my lastest journal quilts made with bleached fabrics -

I'm also pleased to report that DS loves secondary school, my little boy is growing up fast. He has just discovered the embellisher machine and is starting to make some Christmas presents. Maybe I ought to start too!

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