Saturday, 26 September 2009

Ferret workshop

This is the outcome of the workshop last weekend. It was one of the most relaxing I have been to, I learnt such a lot though. It was a great day with lovely people to chat to as well. I am quite pleased with the machine quilting although its hard to see on this photo. My machine quilting gets to a point when I think its not bad then I don't do any for ages.
Since seeing Philippa Naylors quilts I have decided that I must improve my machine quilting. I forgot to mention last time that I bought Philippa's book, Quilting in the Limelight at her workshop. It is the story of Philippas life in quilting alongside lots of techniques. The photos are stunning, perhaps the best that I have seen in any quilting book.


  1. Hello Angela, it was so lovely to hear from you today. I am glad that you are enjoying your quilting. I am really enjoying FOQ 2010 group as well and I was so pleased to see you as a member as well. I am meeting up with Julie this week (Mixed Media). It is my first ever "blind date" with a blogging friend! I am sure we will get on like a house on fire, but I'm still feeling a little nervous. It's silly ain't it!!

    I love your sunsets and beautiful sky colours in your last post. They are very inspirational

    Well, all for now. I've just bought some new Collinette yarn which I'm itching to get my hands on ... it must be Autumn, I get the urge to knit!

    Carolyn x

  2. You have a lovely blog. Peaceful. Loving. Thank you..........PS: I leapt to you from LOVESTITCHINGRED

  3. Your swan looks great. I have had Philippa's book for a while now and it is a really good read as well as being so informative. It has made a world of difference to my quilting.

  4. Hi Angela, forgot to say thank you for dropping by my blog - yes it was me at the Ferret workshop! Maggi


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