Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow rose - and not much sewing

Like many of you on the eastern side of England I woke up to snow this morning. One son went to school, one had school cancelled. After doing all the jobs of feeding chickens, geese and goats we had a walk round the garden and a snowball fight as well as making snow angels. I was amazed to discover that we still had roses in the garden - in December. It is in a very sheltered part of the garden but even so is this a record?

I am making my nephew a quilt for Christmas - it needs to be ready by Boxing day and it is still a pile of squares on top of 2 metres of fleece! I am waiting for a new 24" ruler to arrive in the post so fingers crossed again for tomorrow though the chances of the postman getting down the lane look slim. I must admit to getting a bit worried now about completing it. I am too old for the sewing through the night and sewing binding on in the car whilst DH drives!!

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  1. I don't think we have any roses left but we were at a friend's yesterday and she has 2 rose buds on a bush on her patio. Hope you get your quilt finished.


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