Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas

I would just like to wish everyone who has visited my blog this year a peaceful Christmas time.

Me, well I still have to finish my nephews quilt but I'm nearly there now, the dilema is do I finish cleaning the house before the boys come back or sit and finish the quilt?


  1. just light some candles and sit and sew - the dust will come back how ever many times you do it!!! - have a good Christmas

  2. I hope you decided to sit and sew, the cleaning will only need doing again as soon as you turn round! Have a lovely Christmas x

  3. Quilt obviously! duh whats the matter with you?if you cleaned today you would have to do it all again tomorow, and the next day and t
    he next.....quilts are forever cleaning isnt.

  4. you are clearly suffering from a severe lack of chocolate!

  5. I hope you quilted and ate those Maltesers! Merry Christmas!


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