Monday, 4 January 2010

"Things can only get better"

Things have not gone to plan so far in 2010. My rayburn which provides heat, hot water and somewhere to cook stopped working last Sunday. We do have a log burning stove which has been wonderful as a source of heat and two plug in oil radiators in both boys bedrooms so at least they are cosy. To give you an idea of how cold, there was ice in a coffee mug in the kitchen today! The repair man should arrive tomorrow so I have everything crossed that we will not have the predicted snowfall.

With my life so hectic coping with DS2's behaviour and special needs as well as life, I have realised just how much I depend on my friends and how precious they are. Many of those friends have been made through quilting. These friends prop me up, give me requirements lists for workshops over again when I lose the first one, lend me fabric, dyes, books or just give me advice about life or projects I am working on. They are always ready to listen and give me the support to keep going through black and difficult times.

Trying to be positive I did finish my nephews Christmas quilt. The pattern got simpler as it got nearer to Christmas and ended up just being 9" squares of novelty fabrics sewn together. He loved it though which is the main thing. How many children underneath?

I am also with DH help working on my website. This was something on my "to do" list for last year but it never got done. DH is very cleverly building it from scratch. Here's a peek

It will have all the workshops I teach on it along with examples of finished pieces. In my diary I booked three Saturdays in the summer in which I can get an indigo vat going in my garden. These days have proved to be incredibly popular and are now fully booked. The dilemma is do I find more days? It's not as simple as it sounds though as all the "boys" have to leave home for the day.


  1. Oh dear Angela, what a way to start the new year! I hope by now your rayburn is back in business. Your quilt looks lovely and colourful no ownder it was a success :o) Oh no! Did I miss out on the indigo dyeing? By the way, is it ok if I join in with your challenge at Expedition Quilt Art? Tina has been bullying me to join in ;o)

  2. I hope you get your rayburn going, I spoke to my uncle in Spalding on Boxing Day and he said it's the first time they've had snow over Christmas for years, brings back such lovely memories while we swelter in the heat.
    Love your quilt and thanks for your comments too.

  3. Oh Angela! Wish I'd known sooner! has the fixit man been yet? Do you need anything? (Plenty of spare quilts to keep your warm!) So pleased your nephew loved his quilt! Indigo dying, I missed it!


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