Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow dyeing 2

Well the trays spent all night outside and were covered in fresh snow when I went out to them this morning. I figured that all the dye/water was frozen so I decided to pour warm salt/soda solution over the trays. There was very little difference between the fabrics in the two trays, one thing I wasn't expecting was that the dye must have frozen before it got down to the last fabrics in the scrunched cutlery tray. The last piece was very pale and had hardly any dye on it. I didn't want the black to be too domineering but I actually made the dye solution too weak as the fabric is mainly reds with some grey. I will try another type of snow dyeing tomorrow as I don't think this experiment really worked. The frozen dye didn't give me any significant marks. I was pleased with the results though and will be able to use the fabrics, perhaps in my January journal quilt.

We have snow forecast for both Saturday and Sunday so if possible I am going to put the snow on top of the fabric, dye over that and then leave it to melt in a warm place (ish). Snow dyeing is getting addictive! I was going to snow dye some shibori tied fabric which I was teaching at my LQG next week but this has been cancelled due to the weather.

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