Saturday, 16 January 2010

snow dyeing results

Here just for sweetiepie are the late photos of my snow dyeing. It seems to have taken me a week to get these on as life has a nasty habit of all too often getting in the way. I used procion cold water dyes, turquoise and magenta. The colours are not great, I had plans to photograph them outside but it has rained all day here.

I had some black and red left over and this was the result of that snow dyeing -

I have also been working on this, my miniature quilt made from tissue paper, lutradur and plastic (with a small amount of plastic)
It has a lot of hand stitching which doesn't show up on the photo. Just at the point of putting on the binding (plastic shower wash thing- do you know what I mean?) it had a major accident. I had green painted tissue paper under the white, all subtle when small child came and picked it up with wet hands. After consulting with my tutor I bravely put more water onto the tissue. This then meant the bottom plastic circle was not dominate enough, it receded too much. You can't see how much stitch went into this, the image below is slightly better. My aim for tonight is to get this plastic binding sewn on. If I manage this I will post photos tomorrow.


  1. I'm sure the snow dyed fabric must be much stronger irl. Aren't the patterns the snow makes beautiful? I've been trying to photograph my dyeing today and it's very hard to get the colour right on the computer. Sewing on plastic sounds a bit daunting.

  2. I like the patchy effect more textured the stitching is lovely


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