Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow dyeing - part 3

The title isn't very original but describes the latest snow dyeing.

I put a mesh shelf (from an old animal cage) over my sink in the utility room and put the soda soaked fabric on top (left image), I then piled fresh snow on top of that (right image) put the dye solutions over this snow and then left it to slowly melt.

After a few hours I had peeks of this -
I will have to wait overnight to see the final results.


  1. Looks promising! I think I've missed my chance for snow dyeing as it's melting fast now. I was hoping for nice fluffy fresh snow, should just have got on with it!

  2. Ooooh .... can't wait to show you mine :) Looks like it's going to be lovely!

  3. come on I am dyeing to see them its so exciting!


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