Sunday, 21 March 2010

Stitching superwoman

Well, its been quite a week which has left me feeling sorry for myself as I have succumbed to a heavy cold. A friend likened me to superwomen but I replied by saying,

"I've lost my halo and my wonderwomen knickers are in the wash. I've run out of batteries for my bionic arm and my cat woman whiskers are bent. I'm too fat for my pink PVC power ranger costume so I'm in a very bad way"

On a positive note (I'm not feeling sorry for myself really), I enjoyed the V&A museum and I have finished a mixed media sample for my C&G module based on bussell sprouts.

I'm not sure why the picture quality is so poor. DS has been messing about with the settings so I need to go hunt down the manual to sort it out. I am teaching at the Quilters Guild conference and AGM this weekend so need the camera to behave.


  1. Is it a bird, is it a plane?, No, it's superwoman/superteacher/supermum all in one with wonder woman knickers acting as a halo! I love the sprouts :) especially the quilted ones :)

  2. Interesting sample Angela. I hope you shake that cols off quickly. Lots of vitamin C and Zinc.

  3. Your cabbages and sprouts samples are inspired and inspiring! Fabulous and so original! Hope you get your camera sorted to your satisfaction!

    Have a lovely weekend
    Carolyn ♥


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