Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Whenever I go to a charity shop or car boot sale I am always on the look out for buttons and other treasures, today however I was really shocked at my local hospice charity shop. I spyed a very large plastic box full to the brim with buttons, there were lots of smaller plastic tubs inside the large box. I picked up one of these boxes (small margarine tub size) and asked how much it was. The lady told me £25 for all the buttons, she must have seen the shocked look on my face and said each bundle (6 shirt sized buttons) was £1. I just couldn't believe how much they wanted for them yet a ps2 game that DS2 picked up was only £1. Someone had obviously spent alot of time threading six buttons onto cotton but even so I thought the buttons hugely expensive and didn't buy any.

It was market day in town and a quick trip to the button lady found the small shirt buttons being sold for 1p & 2p each. Unfortunately I will not be going back to the charity shop for button shopping again.


  1. amazing! they are having a larf! we need a jumble sal!e

  2. Gosh ,yes I so agree Jan xx

  3. Madness! So often you can't find buttons in charity shops but this is very silly.

  4. I love buttons myself and pick them up whenever I get the chance but I won't pay an outrageous price for them. I love to find them in thrift shops etc. It's just like little treasures.

    Hugs XX

  5. Eh? Our local charity shap flogs shirts etc for 25-50p, it's cheaper to buy buttons that way! If I see any good ones, i'll snip them for you.

  6. How crazy! What were they thinking of?


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