Monday, 31 May 2010

Work and Play

On Saturday I met up with the Expedition Quilt Art girls, Trudi and I are both racing to finish City and Guild courses, Tina (who has done it and got the t-shirt) offered support and encouragement. The carrot on our stick was to have tea at a local cafe attached to Doddington Hall. I worked hard on my sketchbook for my 3D assessed work and Trudi was working on some crazy patchwork. So after lots of work and no play

We went out to have cake, we only stopped at 4.15pm as the cafe closed at 5pm! Despite living In Lincolnshire for many years I have never been there before but look what we got, home made carrot cake and they could offer me a skinny, decaffeinated latte.

The cafe is in a converted barn next to the main Hall and Trudi said the gardens are fantastic. Unfortunately by the time we had eaten our cake it was raining quite hard but we did manage a quick peek out into the courtyard. My favourite colours at the moment are purple and lime green, just look what Mother Nature has done with these colours. It is not a close up as I was safely under the covered area when I took this.
This was the only photo I got of the main Hall. Doddington Hall is a very fine late Elizabethan Mansion, completed in 1600, it was built by Robert Smythson. I was so impressed that I am going to try and go back over the Summer.
If you know Lincolnshire you will probably realise it is very flat but we do have The Wolds and an occasional hill. One of these I drive up and down whenever I go over to Lincoln to teach or see friends. At the top is a small layby which has a great view of the open countryside. In five or so years I have never stopped so as the sun was finally coming out when Tina and I left Trudi we decided to head over there. It was still misty but we got a great view.

These images are going straight into my sketchbook. I love all the cow parsley growing everywhere at the moment. It is such a delicate flower but makes me think of the fens. I even have some in my garden which must have seeded after help from the birds.
After getting home and once I had played Wii fit with DS2 I managed to get back to my sketchbooks so with fingers crossed I might be able to start making up my bag by this weekend.


  1. Hope you get the bag made Angela. Funnily enough we are going to Doddington Hall today (if the drizzle stops). The irises are supposed to be out over there now so it's a photo opportunity, not forgetting the cake!

    Many thanks for your comments over on my blog. :o) The workroom at the QM was fine last week but then it was a fairly warm day. Even with the train fare it made for a cheap workshop. I'm glad you thought to check the opening times at Ely. I realised I should probably have put that in my blog. Hope everyone is nice to you for the whole day! Enjoy! xx

  2. What a great day it was, sadly today, we spent all morning on the allotment and tacklesd the raised bed in the garden this afternoon, so no sewing. Tomorrow is a new day! Love the picks from the Ridgeway :)


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