Saturday, 15 May 2010

Wooly playtime

This evening Sweetiepie and I met up to have a go at wool dyeing. I think that I should have taken her advice about wearing gloves though. The only problem is that I am a Godmother on Sunday, anyone know where I can get some of those white cotton gloves??

We had some wool wadding, some merino fleece and some sock weigh and dk wool. We used kemtex easidye colours which gave us pale to medium shades. We were both impressed though at the colours we got.

This was the sock Blue Face Leicester which we hand painted. We tried to blend the colours together so as not to have definite stripes. It's not too clear but it was hand painted on cling film before being "cooked" in the microwave.

We used scarlet and lemon yellow. After washing the colours are just gorgeous
but I can't seem to get a good photo. The yarn is still damp but the socks are going to be fantastic. I am a slow knitter as other things get in the way so I have a small stash of sock wool. This is going to be right up there at the top though once I get going again.

Looking though my photos I took none of the wadding which we painted and "cooked". On one piece of wadding we painted with yellow and scarlet, it was then speckled with some turquoise. After cooking this became a wonderful moss green colour, very Autumnal. Sweetpie took these home, I will catch up with her next week and get some photos. We did make these small wadding swatches for my sketch book which gives an idea of colour though

This is the lemon/scarlet sock yarn with some lavender/cerise dk. Again not a great photo.


  1. Ooh i LOVE that lilac! What fun to do. You must check out my friend Nancy (the list writer) as she has a thing for knitting socks!

  2. Luscious colours Angela. Glad you're feeling better or at least well enough to have a play :o)


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