Friday, 16 July 2010


Why lists? Because I have just looked at my "to do" list and felt that I have achieved nothing today so I thought about what I have actually achieved  and I have -

1. Made 60 Tudor ruffs and attended a Tudor banquet with some Y3/4 children (and taught all day)
2. Written and sent off items for my magazine pages
3. Done some smocking samples for a course I am teaching in September
4. Dyed some pale browns for my City and Guilds quilt
5. Done 100 bounces on my trampoline (in the interest of lowering my BMI)
6. Done lots of "mum" stuff with washing etc as DS had his last day of school today. DS2 doesn't finish until next Wednesday though
7. Fed my children swede lasagna (OK it was actually butternut squash but they didn't know that!)
8. Taken possession of a new (to me) fridge
9. Made two jars of gooseberry jam
10. Managed to have ten minutes with DH

Maybe I have achievd something today after all.

I am really hoping to start making up my final City and Guilds quilt soon as time is ticking away. This is a sample of possible stitches in my sky. The top varigated thread just isn't right for this but it is quite hard to see. This is actually a scanned image but it's still hard to see the layers of sheers.
Lastly a confession. I rushed out to the Post Office yesterday, I got half way down my lane when the people picking cabbages started to shout and wave at me. I slowed down and then stopped only to discover this on the roof of my car.
Simba must have been on the roof as I got in and drove away. He wouldn't come down for me so I turned round and drove home, went inside for the camera and took this photo. It was much harder to get him off the car so that I could actually go and post my parcels. I just have to remember to check my car roof before driving off anywhere now. This is the look he gave me once finally off the car - need I say more?


  1. 60 Tuder ruffs ??etc etc ditto oh err Wow Im worn out just reading this entry ,you have most certainly earned a rest this weekend ,What a good job the cabbage pickers werent appling themselves soley to their work ,and yes that look says it all Jan xx

  2. Wow! I used to teach secondary history, I did a day doing Roman cookery once. It was exhausting. When I was little, I had a rescue cat called Marmalade. He was huge, half wildcat. He used to play with me all day, and then get in the car and go to London with my Dad for his night shift (he was a print worker). Dad used to let him out of the car on Fleet Street and pick him up in the morning!

  3. Fantastic! I am cracking out laughing here at your gorgeous cat! What a character :o)) I would say that was quite a full day by any standard.

    It was lovely to see you yesterday. The class I'm doing with Janice Gunner is on the embellisher - I had totally forgotten that! I don't even use my embellisher so maybe that will get me back to it! And the class I couldn't remember was Lesly Brankin on paint print and stitch. I've also booked for the Contemporary Quilt Group Coffee Morning so I am going to have every little time for viewing the quilts or shopping. Maybe not such a bad thing ;o)

  4. Just goes to show...

    A friend of mine once told me that instead of making "to do" lists she made "done" lists, because she found it more encouraging. I'm really impressed with yours!

  5. Wow and I thought I was busy! Hmmm, I think I've seen that look before! LOL

  6. Wow, you have been busy.
    I love that story of Simba taking a ride, especially with the accompanying photos.

  7. I need to go for a lie down after reading your done list. I was always told that if I wanted something done to ask a busy person, you may be the perfect person :)

  8. I dare not do a to do list, but like Sandra's idea of a done list. Lovely cat! Just to let you know that the foq blog is closing. Annabel x

  9. Fab post! Hope you have a great time in Devon. Well done to your son for entering and hope he enjoys seeing his cityscape quilt hanging in the exhibition. Good luck to you. I'm not bothered about winning anything, it was the first time I've ever entered and it was just nice to actually meet the deadline. I will be more organised next year!

  10. Find so many talented people living in isolated places - wonder why? I am a new crafter and blogger ( and looking for inspirational sites - found you! Thanks. PS What are you doing with my cat Flossie?


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