Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sun, sea, sand and quilt patterns

On Saturday evening (yes I'm a bit behind) it was so hot so we made a sudden decision to go to the beach (we only live 20 minute drive away from Skegness) but City and Guilds work had to come too so -
I took my sketchbook and drew whilst DS's built a channel to the sea. The tide was being very obliging and coming in so it did fill with water quite quickly.

When I got bored I made quilt patterns in the sand which allowed me to try out ideas for my quilt. DH said like it looked like I was doing a children's television programme.

If you have ever been to Skegness recently you will know that just off the beach are these wind turbines,
You can see just how close they are in this picture of DS's digging.One day (after C&G) I will include them in a quilt as I have been doodling ideas for sometime.

After getting home and showering everyone I managed to get lots of samples completed and worked in my sketchbook but I haven't photographed them yet. I even managed to sew on a hanging sleeve for a small quilt that is going to the Quilters Guild exhibition at Rufford Craft Centre in Nottinghamshire. I am also teaching there in July and August so I need to finish off my workshop packs. Life's always busy but interesting!!


  1. thats a nice picture of you, looks very relaxing

  2. Very interesting quilt patterns in the sand!

  3. Lovely patterns. Hope your quilt is going well. Lovely photos :o)

  4. Skeggy is lovely and you look very relaxed there in the sand:) Lovely Blog


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