Saturday, 11 June 2011

The YQ Bag

Do you remember this?
It was part of this bag I designed for Oakshott fabric.
The really good news is that it is now available as a kit and 25% of the sales will be donated to the Quilters Guild to support the Young Quilters projects. The kit contains all the fantastic Oakshott fabric, you will only need 12 buttons, wadding, fusible web and your sewing machine. Click here for more information. Everyone needs  a new bag and what better excuse to buy one as it supports the quilters and textile artists of the future.

YQ Bag by Angela Daymond


  1. Brilliant the colours.

  2. I just saw this bag yesterday on the Oakshott site. Congratulations on the design, I hope they sell loads!

  3. Lovely colours - the little touches of red really bring the whole design to life!

  4. I saw this bag at Exeter and thought it was gorgeous, didn't know you designed it, wow, so impressed. Love all those fabrics and it's raising money for the YQ which is excellent. Thanks for your comments on my blog, you're a no-reply so I'll just mention here, my GS is relaxed nearly all the time!


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