Friday, 21 October 2011

Week in pictures

I'm sharing my week in photos. Not many words though as I have got to be on a train in five hours to take me to York. 
More daffodil dyeing as I found a few left at the back of the cupboard (definitely none left now until next Spring).
After the blanket felting disaster I managed to dye these blankets with procion dye (lime and magenta)
For a Christmas project that needs me to cut out lots of circles. This will be used in York so I will show the completed thing next week.
More procion dyeing, this time on cotton.
Samples for the YQ Christmas day in York at the end of November.
Boxes from jeans and a dress, the instructions will be on an ebook that I am working on
I did teach several workshops and teach a Year 3 class but I can't find the lead to the Kodak camera at the moment. maybe I will share photos next week of these. And finally I got through a huge stack of paperwork this week.
Have a great weekend

Angela x


  1. Well done on the paperwork :-) The boxes look interesting!

    For some reason I can't get my comments to stick here unless I comment as anonymous. It's the same on several other blogs too.

    Julie (Grantham)


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