Sunday, 27 November 2011

Curved Piecing Workshop

Last Tuesday I ventured up to Louth through the fog for a fantastic day teaching a workshop on free curved piecing. It was a group of very talented and enthusiastic ladies.
 Everyone quickly learnt the technique and began to make their own unique blocks.
 Everyone used different fabrics and some worked outside of their normal comfort zone. I loved the bright pinks with orange and my favorite lime greens. I also showed the ladies how to turn their curved blocks into sketchbook covers. I think the cover above is heading for a Delia Smith cookery book.
These two photos are from the end of the day, I did have others but they are very fuzzy as my camera battery went down to one bar. Thank you Lindsey Patchworkers for a wonderful day and good luck with your Lincolnshire Wolds Quilt.


  1. Great design and colour combinations. The black, yellow and orange one just sings.

  2. that looks really interesting, we must have a play


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