Thursday, 17 November 2011

Grand Day Out

Waring - this blog post contains no stitched images.
I went down to the Textile Group at Unique Cottage Farm studios today and the first thing I saw was the amazing grapes on the vines growing outside. It was great to catch up with everyone and share work.
It was also DH's birthday today and he had the day off work. This meant that we could actually get to have a meal together. He was very embarrassed when I got the camera out to take photos of the food. As it was his birthday I did a sneaky shot without the flash! Above was the started of goats cheese on a bed of Mediterranean vegetables and below the main course of tempura mixed vegetables with dipping sauces and a side salad. 
Once both boys were home we could light the birthday candles (ssh he is 44 today)
On a Thursday I drop DS off at Scouts and often pop round to see a friend. I was able to leave my log burner to go and sit by Jackie's log burner.
I am off again to York tomorrow for a YQ workshop on Saturday (oh yes and a tiny bit of shopping).

Back soon


  1. Yummy looking food, where did you go? Or don't tell me you cooked all that?!

  2. Happened upon your blog while surfing the net. Your photos are beautiful. Also really like your hand stitching and textile projects (very lovely) and your dyeing is very interesting, great results.
    best from Tunisia,


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