Friday, 6 January 2012

Eco Natural Dyeing with Madder and Brazilwood

All last year I wanted to do some"eco" dyeing, the type that you put your bark or leaves into a jar in the sun and wait. It didn't happen and I sat over Christmas looking at my wood buring stove wondering what if I  put a pot of something on top to simmer away. Last week after I mordanted some cotton and silk scrim I scrunched them up into a large Kilner glass jar and sprinkled madder root and Brazilwood chips between the layers.
I then filled the jar with just enough cold water to cover the fibres.You can see from below that the pink started to come through virtually immediately.
It has sat in a pan of water to gently heat each evening this week when the fire has been lit.
I think I will take it out this weekend. I am hoping for some texture in the cloth and darker shades where the roots/chips have been touching the cloth. I am going to keep the liquid to use again which should give me some paler shades to work with as well.

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  1. It looks exciting, please bring it with you on 17th :-)


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