Friday, 20 January 2012

Madder and Brazilwood dyeing results

I took the mordanted fabrics out of the jar about three weeks ago now and was pleased with the results. The darker fabric in the photo below is silk scrim.
I will think about how I do this again as I did have to pick out lots of the small root and bark pieces from the scrim. I want to dye with Logwood next.
There was still lots of colour left in the water and after mordanting, I put the above fabrics back. It again sat on top of my wood burning stove  for about ten days heating up each day.. I do have some photos of the washed and dried fabrics but can't find the lead to download them onto the computer at the moment. Normally when I dye with either madder root or Brazilwood I would use 50g-100g of each per 100g of fabric (hands up as I am never that accurate but try!!) Below is all the root and wood pieces after rinsing from the final batch of fabrics, I haven't measured this but judging it by eye tells me that I used about a third of my normal amount.


  1. Thanks for the info on this blog.I have tried to dye with madder root but never thought to leave it so long.Your first batch are lovely colours.

  2. What a great strong colour on that scrim, love it.


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