Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Daffodil and Logwood

In the madness of my life at the moment I am trying to find some quiet times to stitch using the last of my daffodil dyed fabric from last year and some logwood that has cooked slowly on top of the wood burner this Winter.
I have used the machine as well for small parts.
Lots of hand stitching to feed my soul and keep me sane.
I love this dyed doily over the daffodil yellow.
This photo is very pale, not sure why - blame the photographer!
A peek at how the final thing might turn out but still a pale image. This is upside down though (thanks Blogger)


  1. These colours go beautifully together and I like the view through the doily too. I've been dyeing with onion skins today. Not sure how well it will take as I din't use a mordant. I'll be rinsing it out tomorrow ao time will tell. got some silk wrapped in banana skins too!

  2. I love the 2 colours, together, too,...Do you save daffodil heads from cut flowers too?. ( i have some in my vase , as I write )

  3. It's looking beautiful, a promise of Spring coming.

  4. Fabulous colours together and the delicate stitching really enhances it.


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